Posted by: Eric | May 12, 2009

Arduino Library for Pololu Qik 2s9v1 Motor Controller

I picked up this controller from Pololu and after fighting with the specs a bit (getting past my ignorance more than anything)  I decided to share the code with the world.  Especially since one of the thing I like about the Arduino community is the sharing.

So, here is my first community contribution:



  1. hi,

    I am trying to use your pololu qik29v1 library, and I am having issues..

    I have hooked up, and verified through the demo jumper that the unit works, it ramps my motors up and down, but when i load any of the examples and try to run a sketch I get nothing.

    I tried changing my rx and tx pins, and it doesn’t make a difference at all..
    I have tried ide 14 and 15, neither one works for me. I have newsofserial, and have used it for a while with the ladyada motorshield.

    Do you have any ideas as to what i may be doing wrong? This is a new pololu unit, and all i get is the heartbeat. Any help you may be able to give would be appreciated

  2. never mind… i figured out what was going on. I am used to another motor controller, didn’t realize that “127” was max speed with your library, the other I use is “255” as max speed.

    Once i figured that out, everything was gravy. Thanks for the great library, definitely makes interfacing this controller much easier.

  3. Glad to hear you have it figured out. I believe the 127 is a limit of the default PWM frequency of the controller. Switching the frequency allows higher speeds but I’m not sure what the end result is (haven’t tried it yet.)

  4. Would love to see more documentation, I looked at the cpp and see that you have some other things going on in there, firmware version, device id, etc.

    I am toying with the idea of chaining a couple of these units together. Will the library support the daisy chaining of these units?

    • I need to document it better. Just haven’t had the time. Maybe the next week or so.

      The “full” library should support chaining and I have two controllers so it is something I plan to get working.

  5. im just wondering if u ever did get 2 of the controllers working at the same time, im new to rprogramming in arduino, and i need it to pass a year 12 assignment.

    please, explain how to either do it myself or link to a place where you have uploaded it.


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